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I used RPM downloaded package the first time, and the video movement is kind of choppy - Went for 10 seconds and then paused for 1 second. Even I used rpm -e to remove it, when I tried to install it again, I got the message saying something like realplayer already installed, so I have to use the --replacepkge to force install again, the video then went smooth, but still got the no sound problem.

Ian Malone <[email protected]> wrote:
Barry Yu wrote:
> F8 64bit with intel cpu, realplayer10 plays video without sound, same system both xine and mplayer working with sound.
> have noticed that in Preferences-Hardware-Audio driver showing ALSA, click on drop down arrow showing OSS and ALSA.
> How can I completely remove realplayer10 from the system so I can install realplayer 11 without conflict between realplayer10 ?

How did you install it? (There's at least rpm and an install script,
maybe a tar as well). For what it's worth I normally use the install
script and install to ~/opt/RealPlayer (not very useful with multiple
accounts, but easier to get rid of).


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