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On Thu, 2008-04-03 at 20:36 +0200, SzXra GyXrgy wrote:
> community,
> I submit to you my plain request as wether exchanging my video card
> would fix the fault. My concern issue looks like
> as follows:
> Not knowing wether anybody among you had noticed yet the phenomenon when
> ancient hardware and a relative new system clach ?
> I have a P III. PC desktop with FC4 running on it for a year or so.That
> configuration has been me working faultless till now.
>   Recently I sensed and set about a release renewal and installed RC6
> release. I did not dare try a more andvanced distro fearing a clash
> betveen my P III PC and the newest (Fedora8).
>   Although in relevant README from Fedora 6 release I did not noticed
> any deficiency regarding the requirement of OS's release.
> I have abundantly of CPU 1.3 Gb and 500 SDRAM. I dare say to add it
> more- all my hardware ingredient were assembled of brand new qualities.
> though till now the whole is becoming a little old, I must admit. But
> not wanting to buy a new PC for the time being.
> In spite of all this favourable conditions and to my sorry
> the (Gnome ) desktop environment of my new installation shows up odd
> behaviour. All destop images are miniaturized and what is more the
> configuration utilities are blocked to work. I did not succeded
> configure neither PPP dial-up nor CUPS for printer. The GUI's
> interactive panels keep itself each time faint or eclipsed. This
> suggests me there may be somewehre a clash between GUI of Fedora newer
> release and my disposable Motherboard (Soltek with Via chipset) or VGA
> (Nvidia 17 Geforce4MX 4000).
> Don't you think a better VGA might fix this anomaly instead of buying an
> up to date PC ?
>   Any suggestion may be highly appreciated with best regards
> Gy Szara
Hi Gy,
	Just to throw in my situation rather than advice, I have FC6 running
fine on 2 PII's, one 233MHz 512MbRAM and the other 400MHz with 256
MbRAM.  They are not fast, but work fine.  One of these days when there
is plenty of spare time, I'll try F8 on them to see what happens.  I'll
leave it to others more experienced to comment on the video situation.


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