Re: USB-based personal video recorder?

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Robert P. J. Day wrote:
On Wed, 9 Apr 2008, Albert Graham wrote:


One of the best sources of information regarding these cards and their use in
Linux is probably the MythTV mailing list and of course the website.

i've already popped by the myth site, and the only explicit reference
to building under red hat is for red hat 9.  as i've learned the hard
way, there's rarely up-to-date info out there, which is why so many of
us have to dig around to ferret out the information that actually
works.  or rely on the charity of others.  :-)

Well, I can confirm that there are no build problems with MythTV on
Fedora, it's rather easy to install, setup and use, granted it's more
complex than XawTV/TvTime, but then again the rewards are well worth it.

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