Re: Brother Wireless Printer

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>> Note that you will likely have to set up the printer AT THE PRINTER END,
>> for the static IP address you have selected. Although it is supposed to
>> be possible to do it with DHCP, I have never been able to make that
>> the IP always moves as things are powered up and down..

>You /can/ set up DHCP servers to always assign the same address based
>on the MAC (ethernet) address of the device.  I use a CENTOS
>installation on an old Dell box to handle the DHCP duties on my home
>network and have the main machines always get the same IP so that I
>don't have to manually configure the IPs all the time.

>Note in configuring "static DHCP" your "static" machines should be
>defined in a different range than your dynamic IPs.  For the "standard"
>Fedora dhcp daemon, this is a set of extra stanzas in hte config file.

Of course, but this depends upon the programmability of the DHCP server. Lots of home routers cannot reserve IP addresses. My Netgear router can do this, but my Linksys ones cannot, even with the DD-WRT code....

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