Re: Samba problem, can't connect as a different user

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Chris G wrote:
On Sun, Mar 23, 2008 at 11:01:02AM -0700, Craig White wrote:
samba by default uses

security = user

which by current Windows standards means that a workstation can connect
to this particular server with only 1 identity. Thus if you are already
connected to a share as DOMAIN|WORKGROUP\foo, you cannot connect to a
different share as DOMAIN|WORKGROUP\bar

the 'security = share' concept emulates the Windows 95/98 sharing
concept where each share connection can be a different user but that is
essentially obsolete and should be avoided if possible.

Yes, I suspect that's my problem, what a pain!

I seem to remember there's a way to tell samba that I want user X to
connect to a particular share as user Y, I guess (if there is such a
thing and my memory isn't playing tricks) that's what I'd better do.

You can set up a share to always use a specific Linux User/Group by using the "force user" and "force group" options.

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