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On Fri, Mar 14, 2008 at 10:56:17AM +0100, François Patte wrote:
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> Bonjour,
> I would like to install/test texlive.
> texlive is now available with f9-alpha and I don't want to install
> f8-alpha so, I am wondering if
> 1- texlive packages from f9 could be installed under f8?


> 2- texlive could live gently with tetex from f8? (I guess no!)


> 3- texlive could be used with lyx from f8? (my wife use lyx and i 
> don't want family quarrels....)

This I don't know.  Although texlive in Fedora aims to be close to the 
tetex setup, incompatibilities may appear.

> Thanks for info.
> last question: is it possible to configure yum to install texlive on an
> f8 install? I don't want to solve all dependencies by hand.



-- Sarantis

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