Re: Some key combinations cause reboot and kill monitor display

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On Wed, 2008-03-12 at 13:39 -0600, Joseph Thames wrote:
> Hi,
> I have noticed that sometimes my hand slips in typing an a key
> combination causes the system to immediately reboot. Yesterday,
> however, I inadvertently pressed a notebook binder on the keys, and it
> rebooted, like before, but this time when it booted back up, all that
> would display on the monitor was two lines of weird characters on the
> top of the screen. I first thought that I had blown the monitor. but
> this was not the case. I was able to use the rescue disk to tar up my
> recent work and ftp it to my web-hosting site. 
> I tried using my installation DVD to update my installation. But this
> didn't cure the problem. I suspect that I somehow corrupted some X11
> code, and this is what is causing the display failure.
> Does anyone know what might be causing this display behavior, and how
> I might cure it? I don't want to have to do a full re-installation if
> I can help it.
> Thanks in advance.

Dear Sir,

	You are an idiot. Either that, or somebody who hates you is pretending
to be you and is using your computer to send ridiculous email messages
around the world in order to make you look like an idiot. We call this
behavior "trolling". Normally, such messages are ignored, because they
are obviously forgeries; nobody could possibly be as stupid as you
appear to be. Also, anyone with such an apparently total lack of mental
ability could not possibly use either tar or ftp, thus cementing the
case. Please disconnect your computer from the intertubes by removing
your mouse and putting it into the trash.

Tom Holroyd, Ph.D.
"If you have to ask, I'm not telling you."
        -- Classic female answer to a question.

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