Re: How to make the Installer add packages after fresh installation

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Dean S. Messing wrote:
I just freshly installed F8 (February respin) and during installation
I added & subtracted the packages/package groups I wanted during the
package choosing phase.  Unfortunately, some package conflict caused
the installer to barf and exit prematurely.

So I tried to install but just installed the default system.
(I.e., I took the default package choices.)

Now I'd like to go back and use the same interface to (again) choose
the packages I want and "upgrade" the system.  However the installer
just skips the "package choosing" phase when I choose "upgrade" on the
existing system.

Is there a way to get the installer to do what I want?
In kickstart, %post, one can run yum. I'm doing this in CentOS5.

An upgrade is not supposed to add stuff.


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