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Tim wrote:
| On Thu, 2008-03-06 at 17:06 -0500, David Boles wrote:
|> I tried your site and loaded "Soldier, militants killed in Gaza" and
|> then loaded the forty cartoons that I mentioned. I scrolled up and
|> down the whole time that the forty sites were loading without any
|> problems. I picked a URL from the page and reloaded all tabs. That
|> would be forty-two pages. Still no problem scrolling up and down on
|> the original page.
|> I am not doubting what you say  ;-)  but I don't see this problem
|> here.
| Try doing what I specifically suggested, though.  Go to that site [1],
| and background load a few articles from *that* site.
| I'd be very surprised if you don't find it doing that annoying thing at
| some stage.  Firefox's almost guaranteed to exhibit that fault on that
| particular site (with all the gumph they add to pages, made all the more
| worse with their timed page auto-refreshing), with Firefox in its usual
| configurations (showing images, running scripting, using site styling).
| But it doesn't take a site as convoluted as that one to exhibit the
| problem, I picked it as it nearly always does.  It's quite a good "bad
| example" site.
| 1:

Ahh... That I did not exactly understand. Will do.

I'm back.

I went to

I loaded, down the middle -

Razor gang:
Five Charged:
Long Legs:
Naked Ambition:
Weather Channel:
Garuda crash:
Secret research:

from the right side -

Movie Mash
Ask Bossy
Jack Marx
Fully Chic
Justin Herald

as quickly as possible and while they were still loading I switched to
Razor Gang, the first page to load, and scrolled up and down with no problems.

That site is very busy with little added things.
- --

~  David

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