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Jim wrote:
I have a i386 box that I'm installing F8 from F5 that had a "radeon" driver for a ATI video card that work great on F5, but is the xorg-drv-radeonhd the correct driver replacement or xorg-drv-ati. I would greatly appreicate that if you give a answer that it is because you have tryed this on your computer.
Here's a good writeup about the state of various ATI drivers:

In short, you probably want to go with "xorg-drv-ati", a.k.a. "radeon" (open source, reverse-engineered, good performance/stability, but no 3D) -- or fglrx (if radeon doesn't work for you or if you absolutely need 3D -- it's "official" binary driver from ATI, has great performance but questionable stability).
radeonhd is a project based on ATI's open documentation -- great
concept, but it's definitely not ready for the average user. Only use if
you have big problems with radeon/fglrx, or if you're very adventurous :)


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