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Jim wrote:
I have had on three different users where the email get so scrambled up, you can get a email and it's from 2 different people that you know on the same email, a case where you could only get email from scam site. there's no set pattern as how the emails come in. The out going email shows as normal.

I have pulled their address book and deleted Thunderbird and .thunderbird in home directory. reinstalled Thunderbird and put the address book back in .thunderbird and every incoming email is normal.
Thunderbird is going Bonkers.

This sounds like something might have over-written or "munged" the mail files stored in your local mail files or you have some odd characters or formatting in them. These files are usually stored in your home directory under .Thunderbird/<some-unique-name>.default/Mail/<server-related-name>. Look at Edit > Account Settings... and on the resulting dialog, at the bottom, should be the location "Local directory:" where your mail is stored.

I have seen some strange occurrences where something is stored in the file and subsequent processing of the file by Thunderbird will cause the T-bird display of the messages to be "wonky" (that's a technical term) in a fashion that you seem to be describing, if I understand your description. I was only able to save the file that was bad by dissecting it half by half until, by the process of elimination, I found the segment that was bad. I couldn't recover 100% but I got most of it back. If there is nothing you can't live without, I would just eliminate all the mail in the particular directory (folder) and go on with life.

At the time, probably 1 to 1.5 years ago, I put this down to some strange embedded characters. I don't know, for certain how the strange characters got there. Whether they came in the email or were introduced in some fashion after receipt. I never really determined the true cause but haven't seen anything like it since.

Do the people (accounts) that were having issues receive email from the same sources? Could that have received the same odd email? Is the mail from an unusual source?

HTH in some small way.

Good hunting,


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