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On Mon, 18 Feb 2008, Kevin J. Cummings wrote:

> Timothy Murphy wrote:

> > I have heard of "mount -o loop". But the instructions say one
> > should insert a DVD, which I take to mean that one should insert a
> > DVD.
> They ask you to insert a DVD so that its filesystem can be mounted
> and you can access the files on that DVD.
> > This is not always - or even usually - equivalent to "mount -o loop".
> huh?  Its almost always the same.  Unless you are using the DVD for
> something non-standard.  (years ago I used to write .tar files
> directly to floppy media.  I suppose you could arrange to use a DVD
> in the same fashion, but most people don't.)  Most DVDs contain ISO
> (or UDP) filesystems (which for the sake of this argument are
> equivalent).

i would disagree.  with a physical DVD, you're mounting a block
device, while you'd mount with "-o loop" if you're mounting a regular
file that happens to be an ISO image.  let's not confuse the two.


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