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François Patte wrote:
Le 17.02.2008 14:07, Stuart Sears a écrit :
| François Patte wrote:
|> Hash: SHA1
|> Bonjour,
|> I have done some mistakes while partitioning my HD and /var is too small.
|> Fortunately, I use lvm... unfortunately I have to unmount /var before
|> resizing and so many apps use /var....
| why do you have to unmount it? If you are using LVM and ext2/3 you
| should be able to do this online.
| lvextend -L +<SIZE> /dev/volgroupname/var_volume

thanks for this info
| resize2fs /dev/volgroupname/var_volume

It seems that it is dangerous to use this:

Unless you have patched your kernel with the ext2online patch it is
necessary to unmount the file system before resizing it. (It seems that
the online resizing patch is rather dangerous, so use at your own risk)

How can I be sure that fedora kernels are patched like this?

They are....assuming you're not running an ancient FC. And if you don't
like to use the command line, the GUI for resizing works just fine online,
all the time.
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