Re: truetype fonts in tetex, pdftex, pdflatex

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François Patte wrote:
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Le 16.02.2008 18:25, Ian Malone a écrit :
| Hi,
| I know a few people here use LaTeX, does anyone know
| an easy way of getting truetype fonts working with LaTex
| in Fedora?  I've found several guides online but they
| require packages like ttf2tfm and ttf2pt1 which are either
| no longer available for Fedora or never were.

What you want is xe(la)tex which is available in TeXLive.

Up release 8 fedora TeX packages were tetex which died a few years ago.
I have seen thet TeXLive will replace tetex in fedora 9.

fedora 9 alpha was published a few weeks ago, you could try if TeXLive
from this release can be installed under fedora 8. I will try it soon,
but I have to check a lot of things before, because I am too much

Thanks for that, it looks like I'll need to be a bit patient then.
(It appears ttf2afm is in tetex-afm, but there's little detail on
generating the maps.)


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