Re: Maintaining a local yum repository

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Craig White escribió:
On Sun, 2008-01-27 at 16:53 -0200, Martin Marques wrote:
Craig White escribió:
On Sun, 2008-01-27 at 14:45 -0200, Martin Marques wrote:
macgyver escribió:
When I had two servers running Fedora2 and both my wife and I's
workstation, and my laptop all running FC2 - what I did was get one of
the servers to do an automatic update at say 02:00 - and do not delete
the resultant packages...

The resultant packages were then NFS shared to the rest of the systems
as a background mount.....
Has anybody tried yam?
yam is now mrepo

It's awesome
Is there something that will just do proxy with cache and not mirror sync? I mean, just download what you're installing or updating to get cached in disk, not the whole repo.

Something like a proxy. :-D
in essence, all you need is a web server, the 'createrepo' package (to
create the repodata directory) and a customized local.repo file in

But in reality, after you install mrepo and configure (and it took, me a
day or so to get everything that wasn't included on the DVD and all of
'updates' downloaded), the benefit is that it's always lightning quick
to install/update because everything is local.

Craig, I quite understand the benefits of a synced mirror (we have them at work) but at home I don't have disk space to use. :-(

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