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max bianco wrote:

I have not used VMWare so I cannot comment on its  performance. I did a
quick google search on VMWare  vs. Xen  and got a few hits  but most look
like opinion pieces.  I am just starting to use virtualization with Fedora
and i installed the Xen kernel and wasn't to impressed with the performance
of the virtual machine(winXP). At this point I am not sure why it was so
sluggish. It could have been something I did or didn't do. I know there is a
mailing list for fedora virtualization stuff (that's not the official name)
but I haven't found the time to play with it much so please add a grain of
salt to my pronouncements. In the coming weeks i will be getting into it
alot more and will have more info. If we can keep the thread alive then I
will report back here. What has your experience with VMWare been?
I don't think I said I've used vmware.

KVM is built into the standard kernel, and it's capable of running Windows etc too.
Speed isn't a concern for what I want to do.



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