SElinux problem

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   I got this setroubleshoot message:

SELinux is preventing /sbin/ldconfig (ldconfig_t) "write" to /var/log/nvidia-installer.log (var_log_t). The SELinux type var_log_t, is a generic type for all files in the directory and very few processes (SELinux Domains) are allowed to write to this SELinux type. This type of denial usual indicates a mislabeled file. By default a file created in a directory has the gets the context of the parent directory, but SELinux policy has rules about the creation of directories, that say if a process running in one SELinux Domain (D1) creates a file in a directory with a particular SELinux File Context (F1) the file gets a different File Context (F2). The policy usually allows the SELinux Domain (D1) the ability to write or append on (F2). But if for some reason a file (/var/log/nvidia-installer.log) was created with the wrong context, this domain will be denied. The usual solution to this problem is to reset the file context on the target file, restorecon -v /var/log/nvidia-installer.log. If the file context does not change from var_log_t, then this is probably a bug in policy. Please file a bug report against the selinux-policy package. If it does change, you can try your application again to see if it works. The file context could have been mislabeled by editing the file or moving the file from a different directory, if the file keeps getting mislabeled, check the init scripts to see if they are doing something to mislabel the file.
I did as they suggested and it seemed to fix the problem. This is the
first error SElinux has made on F8. It was so bad on F7 I deleted it.

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