Re: Updates SOLVED! ... Or is it!

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On Tue, Jan 15, 2008 at 04:27:32PM -0700, Karl Larsen wrote:
> Jim Cornette wrote:
>> Karl Larsen wrote:
>>>    Well at this point I know a great deal more than YOU do about yum. I 
>>> am sorry you had no working ideas but thanks for a try at least.
>>> Karl
>> What is the output from package-cleanup --problems and from 
>> package-cleanup --dupes ?
>> This has got to be the longest solved thread on any mailing list.
>    I Jim yes it is the longest SOLVED for sure. But I first said solved 
> when the yum was not done :-)
>    But I write this on F8 which is a new load and I already have 
> thunderbird and the web working with the old control files. I moved 
> .mozilla and .thunderbird over and yummed thunderbird and all is well for 
> now. It will get updated all night and I will tenderly remove pulseaudio 
> rpm's until it stops working. No more yum remove pulseaudio for me :-)
>    The solution was to re-load F8 from the DVD and that went good.
> Karl

Ah, that's right, all of this started with an attempt to remove pulseaudio.
I don't know what the original problem with pulseaudio was (why remove
it and not use it or disable it?) but two things:
1. yum remove pulseaudio on my newly upgraded (F7-> F8) machine only
removes pulseaudio-esound-compat as a dependency, so no need to mess up
the whole system
2. there was a message today about an update for pulseaudio. It's now in
the updates-testing repository, so with a little patience, there is a
chance that whatever problem you had, will be solved soon.
If not, then I would recommend to file a bug report describing what is
broken in pulseaudio on your system, including important information
like the hardware and software being used, and what happens (error
message, no sound, weird sound, whatever). If errors are not reported to
the pulseaudio maintainers, they will not know that something needs o be

David Jansen

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