Re: DVD-RW Erase Problem

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Daniel Qarras wrote:
Hi all,

I was wondering has anyone else problems with DVD-RW disks under Fedora
as I do? I've got a dual-boot laptop and with WinXP DVD±RW disks work
(read/write/erase) all ok. But with Fedora only DVD+RW are fully
working, DVD-RW disks can be read but erase fails.

So am I the only one with this problem or is this a more general issue?

I've filed a bug report about this few months ago but got no reply:
If you have cdrecord installed, try this as a workaround:

    cdrecord dev=/dev/dvd -force erase=fast

Replace "/dev/dvd" with the proper device if that symlink isn't right
on your system.  You need the "-force" to get around whatever it is
that the drive is complaining about.

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