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On Friday 11 January 2008, Rex Dieter wrote:
>Gene Heskett wrote:
>> This whole kde-3.5.8-10 partial upgrade is a fscking disaster, many very
>> important things are broken, like quite a few of kmails pulldown menu
>> options, the docking tray, and I believe MIME in kmail for some attached
>> items.  I have had to manually edit those things I use all the time in the
>> kmenu cuz the execute links were broken by the update.  I could go, on,
>> but I'm sure others can append to this list, at length.
>This is the first I've heard of any of these problems.  Bugzilla please.
>(Or if you have reported it previously, and I totally missed it, please
>please point these out so that I can give it the attention it deserves).
>-- Rex

Sorry Rex, but there have been quite a few messages right here on this list 
describing things that were broken by this 3.5.8-10 update.  The subjects are 
sundry, but the common thread is kdepim and kdepim-libs in the 3.5.8-10 
versions. I am a very long row of apple trees from being the only one.

My major push to get things fixed has been towards making things work as me as 
well as they work for root since you all think I am not to be trusted as 
root, (an effort that is dismal failure so far since it is about an hour to 
update/overwrite just the email corpus between root and me, and then chown it 
all, just so I as a user can still be current) and selinux, and while one of 
the major squawks I did bz has been promised to be fixed in the 
policy-enforcing '-10' version per a message I got several days ago, that 
version has yet to materialize in the things to update menu of either 
smart-gui or yumex.   What is holding that up?


And, while I'm on the subject of smart-gui and yumex, why is it that no matter 
how many times I enable the srpm's stanza's in the repo descriptors, neither 
has yet to show me an srpm for anything.  And of course, when one updates the 
available database, both yumex and smart rather deftly hide the name of the 
file being downloaded by their middle of the line truncation in the repo 
reload trace windows, so we can't even see if the right files are even being 
refreshed.  Maybe I'm getting paranoid, but dammit, it looks to be on purpose 
to me after a while.  This is stuff along the same lines as not being able to 
copy/paste from either of these tools error windows directly to bz.  That 
right there would probably multiply the bz entries you get by at least 5, 
while reducing the number of errors in the actual bz entry by 90%, making bz 
a truly useful tool even for the unwashed & old farts like me, but we can't 
have that now, can we?

IMO, and this is still GPL software AFAIK, and if I make a reasonable effort 
to obtain the srcs for something I'm interested in, I should not be 
frustrated in that attempt by the commonly used tools, yumex and smart-gui.

Cheers, Gene
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