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I'm inclined to believe there are some X/video issues cropping up.  In my case, the video card (Matrox Parhelia) is correctly identified, but X will not load the MGA driver for some reason.  This is troubling because the combination of resolution and monitor setting I want will not work with the vesa driver.  I'll be trying to manually install the Matrox drivers from Matrox to see if that fixes the problem.  I'm a little curious to see how that goes.  Never had this type issue with numerous diferent video adapters in the past.  Not real optimistic at this point.

Jimmy Bradley <[email protected]> wrote:
I had a similar problem with F8. It would just randomly freeze
up. Finally, after dealing with it for about nearly a week, I had to
replace F8 with another distro. I settled on Cent Os 5. I don't want it
to sound like I'm bad mouthing fedora. I've been running fedora since
it's first release, but F8 seems to leave alot to be desired in the way
of stability. I was hoping that some of the updates would correct the
freezing problem, but they didn't.
I had problems with F8 right from the get go, even during the
install. First of all, it didn't like my video controller, so I tried
loading it on another machine that I had just finished building, and the
install went fine, but then the problem with the machine freezing up
started. The machine that F8 wouldn't install to is a Dell Poweredge
server that's about 3 years old, and in fairness to F8, there were other
distros that didn't like video controller either.


On Tue, 2008-01-08 at 22:00 -0500, Alastair Neil wrote:
> On Jan 8, 2008 5:33 PM, wwp wrote:
> Hello Alastair,
> On Tue, 8 Jan 2008 11:14:09 -0500 "Alastair Neil"
> wrote:
> > Has anyone else experienced terrible desktop performance
> with F8. Under F7
> > on the same hardware I never had any significant problems,
> now it appears
> > several times a day my desktop locks up (or appears to),
> mouse movement
> > seems unaffected yet windows are unresponsive and I cannot
> move of select
> > any windows or panel objects, even the ctrl-alt-f virtual
> terminal sequence
> > seems to be ignored. The media player continues happily
> playing audio. CPU
> > load seems pretty high during these lockups and pulseaudio
> appears to be
> > consuming much of it. Usually if I am patient the system
> unlocks, however
> > often I resort to extreme measures.
> >
> > Typically I used to have under F7 firefox, thunderbird
> several gnome
> > terminals, rhythmbox and occasionally openoffice open. I
> have now resorted
> > to epiphany, thunderbird and quodlibet ( I cannot use
> evolution these days,
> > I have become addicted to the grouped by sort G feature).
> >
> > The system itself is a P4 2.8 GHZ Dell optiplex 270 with 2
> Gbytes of memory
> > and an older nvidia card with two 19 inch monitors. I am
> using the
> > xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-96xx drivers and my home directory is
> mounted via NFSv3
> > over gigabit ethernet.
> >
> > I'd appreciate knowing if anyone else has had similar
> problems before I roll
> > back to F7. It is possible that I am having hardware
> problems, so the F7
> > roll back may not help.
> >
> > Regards, Alastair Neil
> I'm getting sensitive short locks (mouse/keyboard events being
> lost for
> 1-2 sec). Running F8 GNOME on a Dell D810. Couldn't notice
> those locks
> when running XFCE. I could solve some of the locks, see (1).
> But I still get some mouse/key short locks still, sometimes
> more,
> sometimes less sensitive, strange, I couldn't yet determine
> why (2).
> (1)
> (partially solved, see my reply dealing w/ "Dim display when
> idle) (*)
> (2)
> I'm not sure at all, but I see haldaemon and gnome-power
> instabilities,
> and the power managers often brings completely surrealist
> messages
> about my power status. I wouldn't be surprised if those hangs
> would be
> related. Funny 'cause I never got any of these problems w/
> FC5.
> Regards,
> --
> wwp
> Hmm the lock-ups I'm seeing are much longer than 1-2 seconds possibly
> of the order of a 2+ minutes.
> --
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