Re: another pulseaudio horror story

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Nigel Henry wrote:
On Monday 07 January 2008 19:55, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Gene Heskett wrote:
In which case it seems like it should Just Work(TM), but doesn't.
If it doesn't it is better to file bug reports or shoot a mail to the
PulseAudio users list.

You would get much better answers there.


Just a little query. Before I removed pulseaudio from F8, as it had messed up my sounds, I looked for manpages, and couldn't find anything. Is there not any documentation on how to use/setup pulseaudio, so that your previously working sounds will still work? has lots of docs. Perfect Setup is probably what you want. You might have problems with specific apps and depending on the sound framework use, the solutions differ.


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