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Tom Horsley wrote:
I have tried to poke around in google for this before,
but never found a satisfactory answer.

Say I'm not running my own server, I don't have a domain name,
i.e., a typical home computer.

Can I configure sendmail to shuffle local mail around to
local mailboxes, and take mail to external addresses
sent by me and direct it to my ISP smtp server (which
needs an SSL connection and user and password

Or is there something that can act a lot like sendmail
but is easier to configure to do this sort of thing?
The short answer is that you can do what you want with sendmail. I used
to run my own mail server but it was too much of a pain. My ISP doesn't
allow servers to be run by users and some mail servers will not accept
mail sent from dynamic addresses. I now use fetchmail to pull mail down
for all users (my family) from my ISP's servers. They access their mail
directly from their mailboxes on my server which uses dovecot. All sent
mail is sent to my mail server to be forwarded by sendmail to my ISP's
server for delivery. I have sendmail configured to authenticate with
the ISP server (also uses SSL and password).
I like to run sendmail on my server as it allows me to use spamassassin
and MailScanner. Between these two programs I only see one or two spam
emails a week (hundreds are screened out and discarded everyday). I
used to screen out quite a few virus emails but my ISP has been doing
pretty well getting rid of those. I put this together a few years ago
when my ISP was really struggling with mail. Since it's working so well
I've just left it inplace.
It sounds complicated but it's really pretty straight forward.

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