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--- Konstantin Svist <[email protected]> wrote:

> Antonio Olivares wrote:
> > Has the OP tried playing using cdda2wav an example
> >
> > $ cdda2wav -eN dev=/dev/sr0 -t1
> > plays track 1 from cdrom0, 
> >
> > It can play from command line and get information
> from
> > cd, 
> >
> >   
> [snip]
> > If this does not work, please let me know.  It has
> > worked for me in the past.  It lets you also rip
> the
> > cd to wav files which can later be burned to make
> a
> > non protected cd for your personal use.  
> >   
> Thank you very much, Antonio! It seems to have
> worked.
> I guess the problem was trying to get KDE to
> recognize the disc and/or 
> getting amarok to play it as-is.
> One strangeness, though - I was able to get the
> cd-text with cdda2wav 
> once, but it disappeared and couldn't get it
> anymore. Is that something 
> that just happens with these protected discs?
Might be, I actually do not know.  I have seen that
some of these disks have the cd tracks and a data
section, the data section takes care of making the cd
unreadable/unplayable according to the guys that made
the cd so that it could not be copied.  Others have
very short 10 second tracks that try to confuse the
cd/dvd readers, but ripping them is the best way to
proceed and then remove the offending files and burn
the good files to another cd that will not carry all
the problems of the original one.  

What I have done with these kinds of disks, was to rip

$ cdda2wav -vall dev=/dev/sr0 -B

The whole disk, then remove the offending tracks, *the
ones that do not work*, and reburn the new ones with a
normal cd that can play normally.  While you do the
above, you may select the good tracks so that you can
later convert the files to ogg/mp3/flac, etc whichever
format better suits your needs. 


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