Re: Need a fetchmail guru (JoAnne D.?) who's been using it to pop his/her gmail

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On 24/12/2007, Gene Heskett <[email protected]> wrote:
> On Monday 24 December 2007, John Kodis wrote:
> >Hi Gene,
> >
> >While I'm not Joanne, my first question would be "Have you tried
> >'fetchmail --all'?"
> >
> Humm, good Q.  Its launched at boot time by this line in rc.local:
> su gene -c "fetchmail -d 90 --fetchmailrc /home/gene/.fetchmailrc"
> .fetchmailrc looks benign wrt that option.  It normally just sucks what is
> there and unread.  It will all be unread cuz I don't use the webmail
> interface.

If you poll via POP3, downloaded messages are marked as read until
they flushed (=deleted) unless you tell fetchmail to --keep them. In
case of an error, they are not flushed, but still marked as read. You
need fetchmail --all then.

If you know there are thousands of messages on the server and
fetchmail is interrupted frequently, set the --fetchlimit parameter to
the max.number of messages to download in one run.

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