Re: Networkmanager works ... 'service network start' locks up system

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Tod Merley wrote:
On Dec 23, 2007 7:02 PM, Jim Cornette <[email protected]> wrote:
I have a problem where the boot process will hang after initializing the
network with service network start or if I had the service started in
the runlevel. The problem does not happen if I allow NetworkManager do
the networking.

Where would this sort of bug be best filed? Is there a specific package
to file a problem with service starting issues?


Hi Jim!

You probably already know what follows but it is prudent that I
mention this before I put what little I do know in the direction of
you filing a bug.

The NetworkManager and Network services are exclusive, they can/should
not be run together since they affect the same settings but are nearly
opposite in purpose.
I was mainly trying to determine which package to file a problem with
'service network start'
I think that I guessed the right package, initscripts but was not sure.
I have in the past used network service over NetworkManager.
Thanks for the links and reply. I'll file against initscripts. Besides
the problem with networking I have a problem with /dev/rtc existing and
when encountered a second time, it is created as /dev/rtc0. A control-c
is needed in order to proceed with the booting.

When your memory goes, forget it!

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