Re: DHCP even when I set static addresses

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Peter Lauri wrote:

I use FC8 on my T61. I set static addresses for everything, but still dhcp
tries to figure out the IP. And it ends up that the IP has something like

Initially when I do ifup eth0 it works fine, and I can use internet, but
after a minute (the indicator tells that "aquiring network address") it goes
from 85.X.X.X (that is the correct one) to 169.X.X.X that is some internal
address I think.

Any hints? How can i turn off the dhcp stuff?


Hi Peter, you can use the Internet Setup GUI thing to display each of your Internet ports and then click on the port and a larger panel will come up and make sure you have static IP set up for them all, and then click the dhcp off. You do not need it.


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