Re: 3D Support for NVIDIA

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Nope, sorry. If you need personal attention, hire a consultant to help you. Or, return your laptop, and replace it with one that has Intel or ATI graphics that are natively supported by Mesa, and do not require any setup to get accelerated 3D.
Next time, before you purchase any hardware make sure it is fully
supported by free Linux drivers, and does not require any of this nonsense.
Comments like this don't help anyone.

Maybe he bought the machine before deciding to try out linux, so was unaware of the issues involved. Maybe he didn't even buy the machine himself and it is a work provided one, or a gift, so he had no say in the hardware. Either way there are good reasons why people need (or want) to use nvidia hardware driver under linux.
For the record, I agree with you in general, that the free drivers a
preferably in every way over closed ones, *when* it is possible to use
them. Pushing people away form linux entirely before they have the
chance to make the decision themselves is not the way to go (IMHO).

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