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On Fri, 2007-12-14 at 19:04 -0300, Martin Marques wrote:
> Aaron Konstam escribió:
> > On Fri, 2007-12-14 at 18:25 -0300, Martin Marques wrote:
> >> I'm moving some mail addresses from one server to another, and I was
> >> thinking about changing my anti-spam system.
> >>
> >> Today, I'm still using bogofilter for my personal account, but it would
> >> be nice to have a multi-user anti-spam system which can have per-user DB.
> >>
> >> I was thinking about dspam, but I see that there are no rpm, at least in
> >> yum and with some google searching (not to much, maybe I should look a
> >> little more).
> >>
> >> Now, what other options do I have?
> >>
> > spamassassin + a procmail that calls it to filter your stream will do
> > that. Each user has his own .procmailrc file.
> How easy is it for users to update spam definitions with SA?
Well some can be done with whitelists, blacklists and rule modification.
But the primary emphasis to make SA better is a bayes based learning
proceedure. You tell the system about its mistakes and it learns.
Another tuning factor is the ability is that you can change the value of
the "spam-ness" value that you will accept as non-spam.
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