Re: kpowersave does not activate profile after logon

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Em Dom 09 Dez 2007, Chris Snook escreveu:
> Marcelo Magno T. Sales wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > After upgrading kpowersave to version 0.7.3-1.fc8, it no longer
> > activates a power profile automatically after logging on KDE. More
> > specifically, it seems the power profile is correctly selected, but
> > the LCD brightness is not adjusted accordingly.
> > For example, if I log on running on batteries, the powersave
> > profile is selected (I think), but LCD brightness is still 100%. If
> > I change the profile manually to performance, the LCD is adjusted
> > to 90% (that's my setting for the performance profile, this is ok).
> > If right after that I change back manually to the powersave
> > profile, the LCD is then correctly adjusted for 60%. However, when
> > I logon, it's always set for 100%, no matter what profile it uses
> > or the LCD brightness setting for this profile. Also, when the
> > screensaver runs, the LCD brightness is automatically set back to
> > 100%. Then I have to select other profile and change back to the
> > one I was using to set it right again.
> > I haven't found a bug on this on bugzilla. Anyone else is having
> > this problem or there's something I don't know here? Should I file
> > a bug?
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Marcelo
> I had profound issues getting kpowersave to control my backlight,
> until I disabled acpid.  Seems they were conflicting about something,
> but I haven't tracked it down further.  Does it work when you disable
> the acpid service?

Chris, after a little more research, it seems the problem is kernel 
related. The previously described behavior of kpowersave only occurs 
with kernel The same version of kpowersave works ok with 
kernel I also have other problems with the newer 
kernel (can't connect to wireless networks using iwl3945 and sounds are 
being played with echoes).


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