Re: haldaemon problem

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david walcroft wrote:
> No I do not have rpm -V hal hal-libs and no messages in the in the
> log.

David, the rpm -V command above doesn't install anything and will only
report on problems found.  If it ran without any output, it means that
you have hal and hal-libs installed and that all the files from those
package match what was originally installed.  (See man rpm for more
details on verifying packages.)

I would look for error messages in /var/log/messages to see why
you seem to be getting errors starting the haldaemon service.  You
could open to terminals and run "tailf /var/log/messages" to watch the
messages logfile in real time.  Hit return a few times to add some
blank space.  This makes it easy to see new lines.

In another terminal, run "service haldaemon restart" and watch for any
errors or warnings in the first terminal.

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