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Jeff Krebs wrote:
> Does this really need to be on this list?
> directs folks here, and as a new or even moderately experienced 
> users should expect to be treated with respect and dignity.
Well, that didn't work the first 5 or 6 time Karl was directed
there, so what makes you think it will work this time?

> Open attacks, profanity, and belittlement are uncalled for in any 
> situation on this list.  It's wrong and it's unfair.
It may be unfair, but so is deliberately ignoring the conventions of
the list. Or do you feel that anyone on the list should be able to
ignore the accepted rules of behavior of the list? It is posts like
your that encourage Karl to ignore the accepted rules of conduct.

> You have the option to ignore, or better yet, use procmail and the 
> "From:" header to directly divert "problem" emails to /dev/null.
This does nothing to alleviate the problem of incorrect information
being given to new users, and added to the list archives. But if you
are willing to accept the responsibility of checking Karl's posts,
and adding warnings or corrections, then the rest of us can safely
ignore all his posts. Do you accept the job?

> I'm not sure what's worse... emails from people not understanding things 
> well, or the 6 responses (including my reply) to the original post.  
> Replys should be short and constructive; anything else wastes room in 
> the users' Inbox.
That is easy - post like your that encourage Karl to continue his
anti-social behavior.


  Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons,
for thou art crunchy and taste good with Ketchup!

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