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Daniel B. Thurman wrote:

> Rick Stevens wrote:
>> Sam Varshavchik wrote:
>>> Daniel B. Thurman writes:
>>> > Craig White wrote:
>>> > 
>>> >>Sent: Wednesday, December 05, 2007 3:33 PM
>>> >>To: For users of Fedora
>>> >>Subject: Re: Questions about ICMP
>>> >>
>>> >>
>>> >>On Wed, 2007-12-05 at 15:27 -0800, Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
>>> >>> Should ICMP packets be allowed both over the
>>> >>> Internet or should it be allowed to pass only in
>>> >>> the local networks?
>>> >>> 
>>> >>> I have a firewall appliance and trying to make sure
>>> >>> that I am being secured properly.
>>> >>----
>>> >>disabling icmp echo requests is a great feature for the 
>>> > 
>>> > So... am I to read this as it is a good idea to disable all icmp
>>> > requests?  I get a LOT of ICMP requests from the Internet probing
>>> > at my ports, which are disabled.  This is a good idea?
>>> As the man said: only if you're ultra-paranoid, and live in 
>>a perpetual fear 
>>> of Internet boogey-men.
>>Hey, man, just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they AIN'T out to
>>get me!  :-)
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>The thing here, is that what I am actually seeing is a TON of
>ggp(3) pokes to/from my Fedora box and others on the Internet
>are seemingly using the same ggp back at my Fedora(v8) box.
>So, I guess it really isn't ICMP(1) - but rather it is GGP(3)
>that seems to be flying around.  This protocol is blocked
>completely by my firewall applicance by default.
>So, what IS this gpp(3) really?  My logs are just getting
>filled with this blocked protocol message.
>Not a BIG deal I think, but wondered how I could prevent
>this log message out of my log files.

uh, I need to be clear here...

Here is what the log message says:

12/05/2007 16:34:40.288	ICMP packet dropped, 3, LAN, 3, WAN
So, it is an ICMP packet, but what is "3" ????

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