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On 03/12/2007, Tony Nelson <[email protected]> wrote:
> At 1:07 PM +0200 12/2/07, Dotan Cohen wrote:
> >On OOo 2.3 on Ubuntu Feisty, I have a paragraph and it's title that I
> >need to keep together on a single page. I highlight it all, then
> >Format -> Paragraph -> Text Flow -> Options but the "do not split
> >paragraph" option is greyed out. How can I enable it?
> >
> >Note: I just tried highlighting a single paragraph and instructing OOo
> >not to break it, and the option is still greyed out. Note that these
> >are short paragraphs, so they will most certainly fit on a page.
> I think you need "Keep with next paragraph" instead, which WFM when I try
> it in Fedora 7's OOWriter 2.3.0-6.4.fc7.

Thanks. KWNP is having no effect on the text whatsoever. Googling the
situation leads me to other people for whom KWNP does not work either.
I'm heading over to the OOo bugzilla now. Thanks.

Dotan Cohen

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