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Rick Bilonick wrote:
I have OpenOffice 2.3 installed under Fedora 8 from the Red Hat rpms.
Will the official Sun version of OOo work under Fedora 8? I know in the
past there have been problems getting the official version to run under
The only problem I've had with any OO.org release in the last year was 
the selinux 'memory exec' denial, and setroubleshoot tells you the exact 
command to allow OOo to run.
With F7, I installed the Sun JRE; with F8, the Fedora-packaged icedtea 
seems to work just fine.
Hmm, now that you mention it, I am having a problem with the current rc 
for 2.3.1: it recognizes, but doesn't seem to work with, the Fedora 
icedtea JRE. None of the database functions work.
The stable release of 2.3 and the m_235 snapshot release are fine on my 
stock F8/i386 system, except there is no audio or video support.

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