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Jonathan Dieter wrote:
On Fri, 2007-11-30 at 08:49 +0000, Mike C wrote:
Indeed so.  Also it is surely the case the for the majority of updates on a day
to day basis the largest fraction of the time needed to complete the updates is likely to the downloading the update rpms.
Therefore making sure the downloads come from a fast mirror is the most important
factor in getting the overall elapsed time to be as short as possible.

Once the rpms are all in the cache area then the update install is usually quite
And, of course, there's yum-presto which downloads the *difference*
between the new updates and what's on your system, giving you a saving
of, on average, roughly 80%.

Until the official Fedora repositories are presto-enabled, you have to
make some changes to your .repo files.  See for more information.


Full disclosure: I am the yum-presto maintainer
I was meaning to ask - what is the status of the sole current presto server? You mentioned in

that there is a 100 GB/month bandwidth limit, and that something would have to give soon (either help mirroring, or the official repos including the drpms). The reason is that my father, who is on dialup, is considering replacing F7 with F8, but he is dependent upon presto to keep up with the updates, and F8 can be expected to have more of them. Do you think there's a significant chance that the server could be lost again?

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