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Jeff Spaleta wrote:

Are there plans to add the things that would most likely to be needed -
the popular desktop packages like OpenOffice, Firefox, Evolution,
Thunderbird, etc. in the versions that fedora is shipping?
If you want consistent hot newness.. you use Fedora the distribution
and you deal with the release lifetime issue accordingly based on your
local policy, resources and needs.  If you need maintenance timescales
then you sacrifice getting consistent access to hot newness and you
choose CentOS or RHEL because they give you longer term support and
thus reduce your local resource needs over a multiple year timescale.

Its a trade off and you must choose which distribution offering meets
your needs best.  If neither fits well, then I would suggest you
consider segregating your needs locally into critical services and
user desktop/workstation so that you can more easily track Fedora the
distribution for user-facing new hotness while keeping critical
production services on slower moving RHEL or CentOS.
That part is obvious. The part that is missing is a distribution that
fits for desktops. I don't ever want my devices to get new names _ever_
once a system is installed and working, desktop or not - for the life of
the machine. If it is working reasonably well, I'm not particularly
interested in anything but bugfix updates to device drivers and the
kernel because there's a fair chance that anything else will completely
break things. On the other hand, desktop apps aren't really done yet so
there are good reasons to want to run the latest versions - and if there
are bugs they still won't crash the machine. I suppose you could, for
short periods of time, disable kernel updates in fedora, but then you
don't get even the bugfixes which seems like a really bad idea.
  Les Mikesell
   [email protected]

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