Re: Wanna give me a hand debunking this?

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Les Mikesell wrote:
John Summerfield wrote:

The piece that it misses is that there are (so far...) 3 releases of fedora for every RHEL. As the RHEL cut time approaches, fedora becomes increasingly reliable, so RH resources are doing something. However, after the cut (which will have pretty much the same versions of everything the concurrent fedora has minus some kernel features), fedora returns to its wild and crazy ways for its next 2 releases.
Another thing is misses is that RHEL releases its sources in a way that
lets other projects (CentOS, etc.) reuse them. I don't follow Novell
that closely, but didn't think that there were any free rebuilds of
their enterprise versions.
I've not heard of one, but otoh sled keeps on appearing on magazine DVDs.

I've thought of asking for the source, buI don't think they're obligated to give everything, not all licences require it.



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