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On Mon November 19 2007, John Summerfield wrote:
> Google lead me to this:
> Perhaps you could use the "contact us" link at the top of that page to
> ask intel?
> And then report back.
> At the very least, it services to show interest, and Intel may well be
> doing something about it.
> It's also worth asking on one or both of RHEL{4,5} lists. I've not
> noticed him recently, but there has been an Intel chap hanging out there.

The notebook was an Asus 2GS - I asked here because I figure if anyone might 
be working on utilizing this new technology in Linux, it might be someone 
associated with Fedora. The reference to Turbo Memory in the Asus ad led me 
to find the same page already, that you posted above. I also downloaded the 
PDF data sheet. Apparently, the new technology relies on a software component 
(driver?) only available in Vista. There's nowhere any mention of making the 
technology available in XP. It is being described as a new 'key system 
component' on a par with ram, cpu, etc... I did try clicking on the contact 
us button, but it leads to more and more pages, and there wasn't time in my 
schedule to figure out which contact link would be the most appropriate. 
Maybe I'll give it another go later...

Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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