Re: yum problem after bad shutdown

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On Friday 16 November 2007 20:41:33 Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Stefano Cavallari wrote:
> > That it's not a bad thing, duplicate packages are not upgradeable and
> > they hide other problems.
> > What repos do you use?
> > The output of package-cleanup --problems ? (it just list them)
> I'm only using the standard Fedora-7 updates repo.
> I think I once enabled the kde.repo briefly,
> which could conceivably be the cause of my problems

Sorry for answering so late.
If you still haven't solved the problem, try this:

rpm -qa "--queryformat=%{NAME}\;%{VENDOR}\n" | grep kde |  egrep -v "Fedora 
Project|Red Hat, Inc"

to find what kde packages are not from Fedora.
Then I think the only thing to do is to remove them with 
rpm -e --nodeps 
and install them again with yum.
Perhaps before actually remove things ask here :)

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