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Karl Larsen wrote:
Claude Jones wrote:
On Sun November 18 2007, Karl Larsen wrote:
 My conclusion is that the yum installed Firefox is not complete. It
doesn't include what is needed to let the URL thing work. So if you want
the convinence I again have, you need to fix FC6, F7 , and F8 with the
above fix to libstdc++ and install a d/l Firefox and you will now have
it. :-)
well, there is another, easier, way -
from a terminal run:


make your selections, close the dialog - works for me
I have looked at that several times and do not know how to use it. I still do not know. What did you do that made your TB talk to your FF? By the way an easier faster way is to click System prefidence personal preferred programs.
   I will click on help and see if that works :-)

OK the Help worked and I am on F7 64 bit now to test your method and it came through with flying colors! The Help said it would and it did. I will delete the d/l version now and I can say I learned something today.


	Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
	Linux User

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