Re: upgrade from F7 to F8 freeze at beginning

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David Timms escribió:
> BB Cao wrote:
>> I was trying to upgrade to F8 on my Dell Inspiron B130 laptop with
>> i386 install DVD. I didn't have any device connect to my laptop.  The
>> installation stops at very beginning, right after,
>> "...(I skip other information here) running install ... running
>> /sbin/loader"
>> Anybody could help me with that? I made my install DVD twice already,
>> each time I downloaded F8 from different sites even. The problem is
>> still there. My F7 works fine though. Thanks in advance.
> There is no point re-downloading the iso image... you need to test the
> integrity of the iso image before you burn it. Download the SHA1SUM file
> from the same place you got the iso and put it in the same folder. Then:
> cd to that folder
> sha1sum    -c SHA1SUM

Also, run the device test at boot time.

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