Re: Enterprise Management Tool supporting Fedora?

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On Mon, 2007-11-12 at 12:52 -0800, Daniel Qarras wrote:
> that is not part of core business might raise questions. With
> Satellite
Most businesses today accept that the IP is the real value for their
core business.  That is why IT has taken off.  Protecting that IP in the
networked world of today is a challenge, and one that a system must

Configuring a server farm is complex, and a task I would not lightly
undertake, but a single tool makes the system more brittle, easier to
attack and known configuration parameters yield knowledge of the
structure and weaknesses.  So while such a tool would make it convenient
to setup and manage a network, that same tool them becomes another
Achilles heel in the circle of protection.

But I won't argue about the purchasing people.  However part of the task
of being a manager is helping those responsible for the money realize
the value of the choices made, and the costs of each of the
alternatives, both initial and long term.  However be aware that long
term costs are written off against inflation vs growth, with growth
often expressed as 20 or 30 percent, which can really deflate the
delayed investment, compared to an initial outlay.  Thus a lump up front
with lower support costs is often a good trade off in purchasing, while
0 up front with higher long term costs is sometimes reprehensible.
Designing the purchasing argument in terms of direct costs often is a
loosing battle for networks.  Designing the purchasing argument in terms
of insurance is a far better paradigm, and one that financial folks

Les H

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