Re: f8: NetworkManager + runlevel 3 problem

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John Summerfield wrote:

> And for mobile users in particular, both can come and go. One of the
> annoyances with wired networks on laptops, before nm, has been the need
> to "ifdown ..,; ifup ...."

I never, ever, need to say ifdown or ifup, whether using NM or not.
My WiFi interface will not come up if it cannot connect,
and if it is connected and the connection is broken
then it comes down of its own accord.
And the same is true of ethernet.

WiFi and ethernet use different devices, with different interfaces
and different MACs, so in my experience, at least,
they don't affect one another in the slightest.

So when exactly did you have to say ifdown in your pre-NM days?

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