Re: f8: NetworkManager + runlevel 3 problem

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Dario Lesca wrote:
In F8 on a PC-A I have start NetworkManager + NetworkManagerDispatcher.

From another pc (PC-B), via ssh connection, i switch PC-A from runlever
5 to 3 via "init 3"

Network is stop. my shell on PC-B stop work!
then I goto on console of PC-A and "service network restart"

come back to my PC-B, my shell now work!

do some work (in runlevel 3)

then re-switch PC-A (via ssh from PC-B) to runlevel 5 via "init 5"

Network is stop. my shell on PC-B stop work!
grrrr! Is this a correct behavior?
Is NM incompatible with runlevel 3 ?

Thanks to all for your reply!!
Are you using static IP or DHCP? If you are using a static IP,
NetworkManager doesn't yet support it but will so shortly even possibly
within a Fedora 8 update. Refer

NetworkManager is a deamon that works fine in runlevel 3. There is no fundamental incompatibility there though most people use it in a desktop environment. One of the planned features for Fedora 9 is drop the inconsistency between the network service and NetworkManager service.


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