Re: Fedora 8 x86_64: "You have specified an install method which isn't supported by anaconda"

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On Nov 9, 2007 4:40 AM, Steve Hill <[email protected]> wrote:
> >From power-up I put the F8 x86_64 DVD in the drive, the bootloader appears
> and I select "Install or upgrade an existing system".  The kernel boots,
> asks me if I want to verify the installation media.  After that, X starts
> up and I immediately get a box pop up which says "You have specified an
> install method which isn't supported by anaconda".
> Pressing the Ok button just results in the system shutting down.
> A quick
> scan of the mailing list seems to suggest no one else has seen this
> problem, but I can't think why it would just affect me since the error
> message appears as soon as anaconda starts, before it asks for the user
> to make any choices.

Steve (and all),

I'm having the same problem.  I've got a laptop (HP Compaq nc8430 with
2GB of RAM, SATA hard drive) and I'm getting the same error.  It's an
Intel Core 2 cpu, but I'm running Fedora 7, i386.  I'm not using
x86_64.  Likewise, my Fedora 8 DVD is also i386.

I check the DVD, and it checks fine.  Then, it boots into X, and I get
the same pop up box as Steve.

On "Alt-F3", I have some lines that seem like they may be relevant:

INFO : anaconda called with cmdline = ['/usr/bin/anaconda', '-m',
'Pz\x93\xbfbz\x93\xbfuz\x93\xbf', '--graphical', '--selinux']
INFO : Display mode = g
INFO : Method = Pz**bz**iz**uz**
WARNING : no floppy devices found but we'll try fd0 anyway
INFO : Started mini-wm
INFO : Starting graphical installation...
CRITICAL: unknown install method: Pz**bz**iz**uz**

On both lines which refer to "method", the characters aren't *'s, but
weird filled in boxes.  I'm guessing that those lines are related to
the Pz\x93\xbfbz\x93\xbfuz\x93\xbf line passed to anaconda.

Now, if I don't let Anaconda test the media, then I get very different
results.  I just get a blue screen that says "Welcome to Fedora for
i386", the footer line about Tab, Space, and F12, but nothing else.
It just sits there.  I've let it sit for 30 minutes with no activity.
On "Alt-F3" again, my last line is:

INFO : modules to insert pcmcia_core H*H*************************************

Once again, my *'s are are the same weird filled in boxes.

Anyone else having this?  Anyone else have ideas on how to fix this?



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