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On Thu, 2007-11-08 at 13:07 +0000, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Kam Leo wrote:
> >>       Does anyone know if it will be possible to upgrade from F7 to F8,
> >> rather than do a whole new install?
> > Short answer is yes. If you installed a large number of packages an
> > upgrade may actually take longer than a new install. Do a Google
> > search for "upgrading Fedora Core 6 to Fedora 7" and see for yourself
> > if it is worth the trouble.
> Upgrading has always worked perfectly well for me,
> and so has clean installation.
> I don't understand why it matters how long it takes.
> You don't have to sit there staring at the computer.
> Watch a movie. Read a book.
if it were only a simple matter of time, there would be no reason at
> As far as I am concerned, upgrading uses far fewer brain cells,
> as I don't have to try to remember how to install
> all the services I am running.
> (I really don't want to look at openldap config files again, ever.
> And heaven preserve me from
openldap config files? you mean slapd.conf ?   That's only a problem
because you don't understand how it all works yet. Once you understand
how it works, it's a fairly simple config file. - solution...yum install postfix system-switch-mail

Now I never had that much trouble with and I know that
sendmail is a terrific program but I have postfix doing sensational
things with openldap filters and if there is one thing that postfix's an end to

But upgrading from Fedora-x to Fedora-8 or whatever...

there will be a number of whatever.conf.rpmnew files whose newer
configuration options are lost in the upgrade and you might never know
these things by upgrading.

there will be 'orphaned' packages that are left behind and not are you going to find them? how are you going to delete

there will upgraded versions of things like gnome or kde whose settings
files/folders in your $HOME directory will cause all sorts of issues -
at least they have been a problem in the past.

I think that the upgrade provides many more opportunities for
unexplained or inconsistent behavior whereas the 'clean' install should
be much more predictable behavior.


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