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Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Sunday 04 November 2007, Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>> I have used roadnav with a smaller display when when using a GPS,
>> having "map tracks GPS" set. But you have to have the display zoomed
>> correctly, and the detail set right. Don't clutter it up with things
>> like aerial photos and such. I also like to have GPS history turned on.
> Yup, all that.  The photo's FWIW, need a net connection as you move otherwise 
> it will drive you bonkers bitching about the dead network.  I had a heck of a 
> time figuring that out as the error message itself isn't exactly helpfull as 
> to what option needs that live connection.
Thanks for that information. I have not run into it yet, but I don't
turn on photos except when playing around at home, or when I am
parked somewhere with a fast Internet connection. I am not sure how
many photo's are cached, but I do know both maps and photos are
cached. (Look in the ~/.Roadnavdata/http_cache for the photos.)

>> As far as the rotating map, open up  Tools --> Preferences --> GPS
>> and uncheck the Rotate Map to Match Heading box. You may also want
>> to check the Zoom Based on Road Type and Keep GPS Centered boxes.
> I did that, also disabled the map follows gps button, but if the gps is turned 
> on and delivering data, you are surely screwed, the map orientation requester 
> is helpless.  This was V-19 of roadnav.  Still fresh.
I will have to do some testing. I was sure the last time I went
driving with the GPS that north was always up. But that was a while
ago. (I am doing some remodeling on the motorhome...)

>> The display size needed kind of depends on where you are driving.
>> Driving in a city takes a larger display then driving on freeways in
>> the country. I like to go over the route before hand, and then have
>> just the map on a small display when driving. But I like having a
>> full display and someone else to read it and give me the information
>> I need even better.
> I would have had the missus in the shotgun seat do that, but she doesn't 
> travel those kinds of distances at all well, so I didn't take her.  Then 
> caught a small amount of hell when I got back cuz I didn't even ask & I can't 
> recall one way or the other if I did.  I'd get me another missus, but I've 
> got 19 years in training this one on 12-2, 3 weeks on down the calendar.  So 
> far she has been a 'keeper' :)
Yes, after 19 years, it doesn't pay to "trade her in" om a newer
model. :-) I am still looking for one.

> And in my present mood, sad, I forgot to say thank you, so thank you very much 
> Mikkel.
You don't have to thanks me. I enjoy helping. Now if only I could
resist the urge to get off topic... I hope I was able to take your
mind off of things for a while.


  Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons,
for thou art crunchy and taste good with Ketchup!

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