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On Sunday 04 November 2007, Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>Gene Heskett wrote:
>> On Sunday 04 November 2007, Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>>> It should not remove the running kernel!
>> I don't recall the exact version I was booted to at the time, but on the
>> next bootup I only had 2 kernels left as choice, whereas smart had been
>> told to leave the kernels alone, yumex apparently had been given no such
>> instructions, so it merrily nuked the one that was running, /lib/module
>> entries and all.
>Yum defaults to having 2 kernels. It will save the kernel you are
>currently using, and install the new one. You can change this to
>save more, or to never remove an old kernel.
>> Smart didn't have any livna repos defined, and wouldn't handle some sort
>> of an mplayer update because of that, so I used yumex.  Now smart is
>> crashing too.
>>> I am guessing that you
>>> booted a kernel that was not using ndiswrapper when doing the
>>> update.
>> No, its init was part of my rc.local.
>It does not need to be loaded - just have a working ndiswrapper for
>the kernel you booted with.
I found the load sequence was wrong and it would never work, so I had written 
a script way back when fc7 was freshly installed to unload all the modules, 
and reload them in the correct order, and that is run from my rc.local 
script.  Generally, once the script has been run, it Just Works(TM) but I 
think I'd disabled that when the kernel got nuked, but running it by hand 
gave errors now because of module renaming.

>>>> So whats the cure for the blanker caused blue smoke from my ears?
>>> One thing that may work is to run something like "xset dpms off" in
>>> an xterm. As long as nothing else overrides it, your screen will not
>>> blank. I am assuming that you already have the screen saver turned off.
>> I had it set in the kde prefs for 2 hours.
>>> We can not have you weaving all over the road! It is bad enough that
>>> you are looking over at the laptop when driving. (I find that a
>>> small 12V monitor like they use for backup cameras mounted where you
>>> can glance at it without taking your eyes off the road work well. I
>>> thought about the review mirror replacement displays, but the sun
>>> visor ones would be easier to read. What I really want is a heads-up
>>> display for the motor home.
>> Its generally a quick glance to get the speed, which roadnav displays
>> along the bottom of the screen in a font I can read in about 1 second
>> flat. Anything else I generally have to pull over to do because the mouse
>> pointer is so damned tiny, and my bluetooth mouse doesn't run at less than
>> 500 mph. The whole screen is about a 1.5x2.5" area on the pad, and thats
>> with the mouse speed set at 1.  A heads up display would be nice, but
>> there is way too much detail on the roadnav screen for anything smaller
>> than a 22" monitor, so the speed reading is about all that is usefull when
>> in motion.  And it bugs me that you can't set north to up, it redraws the
>> map so the direction your moving is up, totally scrambling the view IMO. 
>> But that's another bitch that may get fixed by recompiling it from src
>> after a few tweaks.  This was my first foray into using it on the road,
>> and the author hasn't answered the email I sent so I guess its officially
>> abandoned.  Oh, and don't ask it for directions, which it does a nice job
>> of, but it never gives back the cpu and you have to quit it and reboot to
>> recover.  That may take 10 minutes just to quit, but the machine is still
>> stuck at 100%.
>I have used roadnav with a smaller display when when using a GPS,
>having "map tracks GPS" set. But you have to have the display zoomed
>correctly, and the detail set right. Don't clutter it up with things
>like aerial photos and such. I also like to have GPS history turned on.

Yup, all that.  The photo's FWIW, need a net connection as you move otherwise 
it will drive you bonkers bitching about the dead network.  I had a heck of a 
time figuring that out as the error message itself isn't exactly helpfull as 
to what option needs that live connection.

>As far as the rotating map, open up  Tools --> Preferences --> GPS
>and uncheck the Rotate Map to Match Heading box. You may also want
>to check the Zoom Based on Road Type and Keep GPS Centered boxes.

I did that, also disabled the map follows gps button, but if the gps is turned 
on and delivering data, you are surely screwed, the map orientation requester 
is helpless.  This was V-19 of roadnav.  Still fresh.

>The display size needed kind of depends on where you are driving.
>Driving in a city takes a larger display then driving on freeways in
>the country. I like to go over the route before hand, and then have
>just the map on a small display when driving. But I like having a
>full display and someone else to read it and give me the information
>I need even better.

I would have had the missus in the shotgun seat do that, but she doesn't 
travel those kinds of distances at all well, so I didn't take her.  Then 
caught a small amount of hell when I got back cuz I didn't even ask & I can't 
recall one way or the other if I did.  I'd get me another missus, but I've 
got 19 years in training this one on 12-2, 3 weeks on down the calendar.  So 
far she has been a 'keeper' :)

And in my present mood, sad, I forgot to say thank you, so thank you very much 

Cheers, Gene
"There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
-Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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