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Claude Jones wrote:
On Tue October 30 2007, John Summerfield wrote:
The total distance isn't great, but there are sheets of colourbond
(painted steel sheeting) in the path, so I have configured a rout around
it using the Linksys, and a D-link (chosen from a selection of one).
Both are prone to dropping).
hmmm...sounds like it could be a job for one of these:
(if you can get up over the steel sheating from the far site)

I think when the house renovations are finished, I'll run fresh power
lines (the current ones don't look legal), cat5 and phone wires:-) It's
only about 30 metres. The major problem is my office, it's clad in
steel. I have a detachable antenna sitting in the window space. Because
of the patio and the slope of the land, there's also a steel roof in the
direct path.



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